Dressing Like Fandoms

Someone who knows nothing about fashion decides what fandoms like Sherlock, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin and Avengers should wear.

rainbowninjawizard24 asked: idk if you take requests, but if you do, could you do Bucky from Captain America? specifically him as the winter soldier

I could do that, putting him on the to do-list! ^^

okayemilyokay asked: You should do Khaleesi from game of thrones

Oh I totally should. O.O <3

thefaultinourteenagersxo asked: Omggg, sosososo many feels scrolling through your blog! I love it, it's amazing! I can now subtlety be Morgana or Rose Tyler or basically everyone for a day x love this blog! X

Awe thank you glad you liked it! <3 Sorry I’m not that active, I’ve had a busy summer and now I’m starting school again after two-three years out of it. <3

100 posts!

100 posts!



Short Hiatus

I’m sorry about the lack of updates right now. I’m going through some stuff involving a lot of doctors. I’ve been having some problems with my stomach for a long time and just today I found a lump in my armpit and I’m scared to death. I’d love to be able to update everyday and give you all lovely nerdy fashion tips but I just don’t have the energy.

That said, this blog is not dead, just paused because real life is a bitch. Thank you and I’m sorry! <3

Anonymous asked: what template do you use on polyvore?

I don’t use polyvore, so can’t help you there. I use Photoshop Elements 11.

Anonymous asked: Arrow characters

Anyone in particular, anon? :)


This has nothing to do with fashion, but I’ve made a ┬ástar trek fanmix and if you like music as well as star trek, this will give you feels.

Awesome, I think I fixed it without losing notes! Yay me!

Bellatrix Is Up and Double!

So I finally got my head out of my cute behind and made Bellatrix Lestrange. Tumblr however decided to make her a double post and I’m sorry about that. I don’t know how to remove the double post without both being removed and losing notes. Any suggestions?